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hisgreyeyes's Journal

16 February
I am a creepy pervert, fascinated by supermarkets and electron micrographs. I sleep with the sheet over my head. When I get old, I want to sit on my porch and shake my stick at kids who try to walk on my lawn.
aerial photographs, alan lee, american beauty, andy goldsworthy, anish kapoor, art, bad sci fi, baking, basil, bat skeletons, billy boyd, bollywood, burning man, candles, candy corn, captain barbossa, cardboard fairy wings, cats, chancing my arm, coffee, comics, cordwainer smith, coyotes, crackly nail polish, croup and vandemar, crystals, darkrooms, dilbert, dim sum, discworld, dress-up, dwarf bread, eating hobbits, ed emberley, elaborate make-believe, elections, ender's game, extremely sharp knives, f'nor and canth, fairylights, fan fiction, feathers, fingerless gloves, gandalf stormcrow, gary paulson, gregorian chants, grima wormtongue, grunts, guybrush threepwood, hank and bobby, hank mccoy, hats, havelock vetinari, his dark materials, hugo weaving, ian mckellen's hands, isaac asimov, jack aubrey, jeff noon, jingly clothing, john howe, jon stewart, koi, ley lines, lord of the rings, madame sadayakko, manta rays, matthew barney, monkey island, mother hitton's littul kittons, my hair is amiss!, natural disasters, neil gaiman, nicholas lea, old lace, orange things, orchids, paper lanterns, paul klee, pink lemonade, pirates, platform boots, pretty boys, radiohead, reading, rick baker, riven, robert heinlein, robin hobb, samuel vimes, samurai jack, scientific american, sedimentary rock, sepia, seti, silver bullets, sinister dexter, slash, snailmail, star wars, stephen maturin, stripes, supermarkets, sushi, talking figureheads, tanith lee, tattoos, terry jones, terry pratchett, that goat's getting pantied!, the agents smith, the desert, the hobbit, the knitting uruk-hai, the scone of stone, the silver brumby, the simpsons, things with holes, tim burton, toe rings, ugly hair, vodka, warren ellis, wings, wordhappy, writing, you've defouled my platypus!